Managing complex transportation for large projects requires experienced, intelligent and knowledgeable personnel who are committed to researching all options, surveying potential problems, and reacting to extraordinary circumstances with quick and decisive actions. Our approach is to break down logistics and transport into essential elements, and then to assign direct supervision over each. Advance trips by Operations Specialist to the key points in the project corridor ensure that Prime Ocean has the first-hand knowledge required to "make things happen". A Project Coordinator is then assigned to manage all facets of communication, logistics and transportation and become the direct liaison with our customers.

Prime Ocean full and wide ranging logistics capabilities makes it an ideal partner to ensure that even the smallest item, often imperative to the success of an operation, is in the right place at the right time.

Prime Ocean specializes in project freight management and all associated planning and implementation services. Whether you are moving an individual heavy lift or complete industrial plant from various origins around the world to remote construction sites, we arrange for customized transportation concepts for the entire route on a door-to-door basis. We handle and coordinate all aspects of your project freight needs, from fast quoting to packing and crating. Your special cargo handling needs are accounted for and taken care of by professionals who pride themselves on knowledge and attention to detail. We are a group of shipping professionals dedicated to moving big cargo projects across the globe easily and efficiently. We thrive on tackling large-scale projects that require something extra. Extra handling, knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail We are logistics experts who handle all aspects of special project cargo. Our team of freight forwarding professionals is on call to design a program that suits you best. At the lowest possible rates!

Prime Ocean has the experience and ability to provide clients with a dedicated project management team to advise, co-ordinate, plan and execute the project from inception to completion.

Our Value Added

As you evolve your business to stay ahead in the ever-changing marketplace, Prime Ocean provides the technology and solutions that allow you to keep your competitive edge.

We provide

  • Real-time visibility of where your inventory is, where it's going, and when it arrives.
  • Inventory information and control right now, in real-time.
  • Item level tracking through multiple levels of indenture so you have complete visibility of each item, at all times.

Prime Ocean handle the whole process and ensure that the shipment takes place ahead of deadlines


Prime Ocean know the smartest ways to ship goods.


Prime Ocean can rest assured that your shipments are carried out efficiently and effectively.

With our experience, relationships, infrastructure and emphasis on improvement and quality, Prime Ocean is well positioned to exceed any and all domestic and international shipping requirements.
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