Prime Ocean Cargo Management Co. was established with the objective of providing a full range of consolidation/deconsolidation services in Pakistan. With a committed team of highly experienced and dedicated freight and logistics management professionals, POCMC has achieved remarkable growth in a very short span of time.

The Company is an NVOCC/Consolidation and Logistics distribution operator registered in Pakistan since 1994.

Through sheer hard work and a solid reputation built on performance and achieving results, we have built up a worldwide network of over 40 reliable agents with offices llocated in major ports of the world. Our strategic alliances, modern infrastructure, networking capabilities, mutual work configurations, and business perspectives have largely contributed towards our success factor in our partnering efforts both in securing business and in offering service standards that are on par with global benchmarks from suppliers to buyers.

  • NVO Sea Freight Operations and Cargo Consolidation/De Consolidation
  • Multimodal Transport Arrangement and Coordination
  • Air Freight Cargo Handling
  • Air/Air Transhipment Cargo
  • Air/Sea Transhipment Cargo
  • Project Cargo Handling and Coordination
  • Afghan Cargo Handling
  • Distribution Warehousing
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